About Us
Founder & Managing Director of Transnational Software Services

Kolla Vijaya Krishna

Kolla Vijayakrishna, the founder of Marylandemploymentexchange.com &Transnational group of companies, strongly believes that success of his business lies in partnering with the local community’s Globally. In order to leverage and integrate Transnational Group with local communities and for the future of people in the state of maryland, Transnational Software Services Private Limited has developed a employment promotional activities in the state of maryland through marylandemploymentexchange.com

The Purpose of marylandemploymentexchange.com
  • To Promote and create employment opportunities in the state of maryland.
  • To promote & create employment opportunities locally.
  • To support small & local business.
  • To create safety,healthy & wealthy local economys and community's

Vision & Mission

Transnational's / Marylandemploymentexchange.com Vision

To promote employment opportunities locally across the state of maryland.

Transnational's Mission Statement

To be the global leader in promoting employment opportunities Locally.

The Values that drive us:

Transnational is focused on creating sustainable value growth through innovative solutions and unique partnerships.
Our values are at the heart of our business reputation and are essential to our continued success.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Transnational, ‘community work’ is not just an act of favour or charity directed towards doing something for the welfare of the ‘needy or poor’ from our society, it is in fact a complete voluntarily act undertaken  to improve the quality of life around, us.

The enlightened self-interest of every Transnational employee and the concern for meeting their obligation to the society is the raison d'être of this philanthropy. As an active corporate member of the society, Transnational is committed to building relationships with local communities and the society as a whole

Our Aim -

To Promote Employment opportunities locally.

 The Five Golden Commandments :

  • Transparency
  • Local partnership
  • People participation
  • Voluntary work
  • Openness

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